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At the Silver Sound Showdown in Brooklyn, there are 2 grand prize winners – a director and a band. As mentioned in previous posts, I won for my hybrid animated music video Lost Boy Found (2013). Out of that I got the chance to direct a music video with the production company that puts on the festival – Silver Sound. Yet what’s unique to this festival is not just the chance to shoot a video in NYC, but the creative relationships it forms. And in my case, lasting ones. I am very honored to not just have gotten the chance to direct Blood and Glass, but can now call them my friends.

Blood and Glass is an adrenaline shot of ethereal melancholy euphoria. Hailing from French Canada’s Montreal, they are fronted by the eccentric and charming Lisa Moore who has been described by journalists as the missing link between Grimes and Tom Waits. Together with her husband Morgan, they take you aboard their merry-go-ground of sonic bliss through glow-in-the-dark forests and psych wards. Their songs are at once catchy and moody, flowing gracefully from one to the next and filling the album in such a way that demands to be listened to in full. Lisa’s voice goes from a soothing whisper to an edgy shout. And with the cinematic bravado of their live performances, they provide a comprehensive artistic experience¬†few bands can pull off. Blood and Glass fucking rule.

So when they asked me to do their debut album art, I couldn’t possibly say no. Here is my original artwork for their LP, CD, and digital album “Museum with No Walls”:

cd art

LP art

sample from digital booklet

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