A kinetic music video that explores the world of wheatpaste street art by placing the lead singer of blood and glass on the walls of NYC. The video tells a story of two-dimensionality, isolation, self-expression, and annihilation through a careful selection of locations, site-specific movement, and surrealist imagery. I work in downtown LA, so finding inspiration was as easy as stepping out of my studio door into an ever-evolving street art museum. Bringing wheatpaste posters to life required a few more steps. But thanks to the support of silver sound studios and the newly forged creative partnership with blood and glass, the end product far exceeds everyone’s expectations. paper heart is a playfully dark, imaginative, emotionally triumphant tragedy that begs to be viewed again immediately.

Silver Sound Showdown Grand Prize Winning Collaboration –

collaborators –
Produced by Silver Sound Studios
Original Music by Blood and Glass

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