Posted on Apr 6, 2013 in Production Office


Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. An oasis of quiet, clean, elegant culture in the midst of a often hectic, sun-bleached, stressful city. A place for excellent food, pleasant street music and a vibrant arts district. I’ve been visiting Little Tokyo for a little over a year, trying different foodage spots, buying trinkets, etc. But now, I’m excited to announce that I will be working from an office there. My colleague Kit Stølen, production designer on DAMON, tipped me off to this great place and I now share a spacious office with him. It’s right next to the metro, so I have the option of using public transportation. Yes, LA has a wonderful subway system. It’s super clean, efficient and incredibly cheap. It doesn’t quite yet reach the west side. But there are plans of connecting the expo line from Culver City to Santa Monica and adding a purple line through beverly hills. LA is on the up and up! I will be doing all of my upcoming work from this space. It feels great to be out of the house and into the world. And I already feel like it’s making my work better.

Here’s to new beginnings and new art!

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