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Wow. I need to listen to my gut more. Lost Boy Found is the Grand Prize Winner for the 2014 Silver Sound Music Video Film Festival & Band Battle.

Check it out here:

If it were’t for a last minute gut decision, I would not have attended Silver Sound in NYC this year. And for this festival, in order to win, the director has to be present. I almost didn’t go because I was going to be out of the country. I had a planned trip to Seoul in January and received word that I got into Silver Sound waaay after I booked my ticket. And rerouting international flights aint cheap. Or easy. Especially when you purchase your ticket with points earned from your car being stolen and funneling the insurance money into a new card with a killer points incentive. So upon receiving word that LBF got into Silver Silver, a cheer was almost immediately followed by a long sigh.

But like all sighs, you have to breath in again. And with that new air, something came in that informed the little voice that controls the gut instinct mechanism.

So I get to see New York again.

And it’s awesome. Not just the festival, but the city, the weather, and the amazing people I encountered. A big thanks to Colleen Pesci for letting me crash at her place and showing me a good time both nights. I also got the chance to meet up with an actor friend and high school buddy Nick Neglia, a surprise hangout with another high school actor friend Maddie Given, and lots of surprisingly talkative and interesting New Yorkers. I also got to meet the director of the documentary I’m helping out on in Seoul. So it was a whirlwind, but super productive.

Then of course the festival.

Brooklyn Bowl. A bowling alley/music venue in Williamsburg. Expensive craft beers, lots of mustaches, 21 music video finalists, and some really good bands. They played 5-7 videos, then had a band perform a 4-5 song set. It made for a really casual experience with no Q&A’s, few introductions, and no red carpet event. Just music, music videos, and people enjoying those 2 things. Pretty refreshing actually!

(Upon entry I receive: a kick ass t-shirt. The trip is now officially worth it.)

So the night carries on and the music videos are very good. My friend Colleen is in attendance with a date and there’s a respectable turnout. Not room-temperature-raising packed, but certainly not empty. I honestly had no expectation of winning. I just thought that going would be a great experience and I would be able to make a few contacts, etc. But the event finishes and the time comes for the winners. Colleen and I are towards the back, deep in conversation about something entirely non-festival-related. The various runners-up are announced. We keep talking. The winning band is announced: Blood and Glass. Oh that’s cool. They were really good! Then, the winning video is announced…

Then announced again. “Um, hello, is Nick Snyder here?”. Yeah, I really wasn’t kidding guys. Didn’t expect this. “Um, is the director of Lost Boy Found present?”. Heads turn to look around. Then a small voice rises up out of the back, moving through the crowd, hand raised. “Yes! Yes he is here!”.

So we take pictures, I meet the festival director Cory, and I get to meet the winning band and they are awesome. Once again, Blood and Glass is their name and they are 2-piece female-fronted dark synthy indie group from Montreal. Husband and wife duo actually. Super nice. We chat. I tell them about how I did the video and about my upcoming trip to Seoul. We take pictures. The festival director tells me to enjoy my trip and we’ll touch base when I get back. There are a few perks to this win, but I won’t be revealing them just yet. One though that I will say, was some funky swag. He hands me a Rastafarian umbrella and I am thankful. Because it is now 1am, raining, and January in New York.

I leave, grab a falafel from a stand outside, then make my way to JFK. It is Wednesday morning. I am happy. But I will not sleep until Friday evening (Seoul time). Yes, I rerouted my flight for out of JFK at 6am the morning following the festival.

I wander towards the nearest subway, falafel in one hand, rasta umbrella in the other.

So there you have it! LBF won and I’m super honored. Thanks for reading. And thank you Silver Sound!

– Nick


  1. Melissa Murray
    February 6, 2014

    So glad I got to read this entry from your blog, what a great story and congrats on your win! Not surprised, it is an amazing video, you are incredibly talented!
    Sounds like you had a great time in Seoul and can hardly wait to see the video from NP!
    Miss & love you,

  2. Shannon Bjoraker
    February 7, 2014

    Wow Nick!!! This is so cool! Congratulations!!! And wonderful recap of the experience. What a great pick-me-up read! Glad you’re experiencing such great things:)


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