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Things are coming right along on the Agatha Savage short film. Taking longer than expected, but it’s definitely evolving and unfolding in a great way. I just sent in a preview cut of about the first half of the film to my producer, which he’s relaying to the investors.

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of working with Sabrina Cotugno. She’s a character animator and story artist out of CalArts, has interned at Pixar and is starting a new job at Disney. She came in for a week and handled all of the key character moments in the film. Being from a live-action background, it was a really interesting experience working with an animator. It felt a bit like directing an actor, but also like talking with your DP, production designer and editor. All sort of rolled into one. And she killed it. She worked in my office in Little Tokyo on her gigantic Wacom cintiq tablet (jealous) and knocked out over 20 shots in 5 days. Very impressive. So glad we connected and hope we can work together again soon!

Here are some screengrabs from the preview cut:

Sabrina was actually featured on Cartoon Hangover’s Cartoon Central recently for her 4th year CarlArts film. Which you can check out here:

You can also check out her film “Kagemono” which they mentioned in the above video… here:

Kagemono: The Shadow Folk from Sabrina Cotugno on Vimeo.

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