wheatpaste street art animation, a love-scorned chocolatier, a dragon from a shadow world, Mongols… here are some of my favorite motion design projects from the past few years.

my role – director, motion designer, animation director, flash animator, editor
tools – after effects, photoshop, flash, illustrator, premiere pro, wacom cintiq

A kinetic music video that explores the world of wheatpaste street art by placing the lead singer of blood and glass on the walls of NYC. The video tells a story of two-dimensionality, isolation, self-expression, and annihilation through a careful selection of locations, site-specific movement, and surrealist imagery. I work in downtown LA, so finding inspiration was as easy as stepping out of my studio door into an ever-evolving street art museum. Bringing wheatpaste posters to life required a few more steps. But thanks to the support of silver sound studios and the newly forged creative partnership with blood and glass, the end product far exceeds everyone’s expectations. paper heart is a playfully dark, imaginative, emotionally triumphant tragedy that begs to be viewed again immediately.

Silver Sound Showdown Grand Prize Winning Collaboration –

collaborators –
Produced by Silver Sound Studios
Original Music by Blood and Glass


logo animation, 2014

Had the great pleasure of working with the iconic Nickelodeon logo recently.
Logo animation done for their new digital channel called Nickelodeon Creative Lab.

my role – motion designer
digital tools – after effects cc

Agatha Savage

animated commercial short, 2013

A unique brand position was built around the feeling of eating your last piece of chocolate; the implied cruelty and sadness when there is only an empty box. The film converts the brand position to an entertainment/content proposition – about a fictitious character named Agatha Savage, who from her own love-scorned heart, makes wonderful chocolates that torture us all.

my role – director, character designer, illustrator, after effects animator, editor
tools – photoshop, flash, after effects, premiere pro

collaborators –
Eric Stein – concept, story, producer
Sharon Sharth – voice-over narration
Sabrina Cotugno – character animator
Hamed Hokamzadeh – score composer
Jake Stone – sound designer

Lost Boy Found

music video, 2013

Lost Boy Found explores the style of a shadow puppet show through a hybrid technique of live action and animation. It tells the story of a lonely ghost who saves the woman he loves from the incredible dangers of a shadow world.

my role – director, animator, illustrator, compositor, editor

live action tools – green screen shoot, including choreographed character movement, minimal hand prop construction
digital tools – photoshop, after effects, and premiere pro

collaborators –
Winsor Yuan – Producer
Brett Newton – Associate Producer & Choreographer
Kai Saul – Director of Photography
Nikita Maxwell – Production Designer
Mae Evangeline – Costume Designer


live action short, 2012

What if the antichrist fell in love with the girl next door?

In this imaginative dark comedy, growing up can be Hell. When the reluctant Antichrist falls in love on the eve of his big initiation ceremony, his humanity is put to the ultimate test. Now at a crossroads, Damon must decide once and for all if he can become who he was born to be . . . if he’s truly evil.

my role – director, co-writer, producer, graphic designer, animator

collaborators –
Frederick Bourbon – director of photography
John Norris – editor & sound designer
Kit Stølen – production designer
Sarah Le Feber – costume designer
Hamed Hokamzadeh – score composer